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6 Tips To Wow Prospective Renters!

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You’ve only got three seconds to make a lasting impression! This is a simple truth that applies to everything from making new friends in school when you’re a kid, to attracting the ideal tenant to lease. Providing impressive apartment leasing services in Chicago requires a pretty simple approach: surprise potential tenants by making them say ‘WOW!’ with these six tips that will surely have the applications rolling in with no delay.  

The real estate leasing landscape in Chicago shows no shortage of prospective renters, but there are a few easy steps you can take to guarantee your property achieves the WOW factor that attracts in droves and earns you a great reputation!

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WOW Tip #1: It’s Attractive on the Outside (How cute!)

When it comes to first impressions, prospective applicants are already forming an opinion by looking at the building’s exterior and outside spaces—so make sure your front area is in order at first glance.

  • Cut the lawn and keep the gardens maintained.
  • If located on a main street or major intersection, make sure all sidewalks and walkways are well kept and free of damage or debris—especially snow and ice in winter months.
  • Clean and remove any litter lying around on the front of your property, especially, on busy streets and corners.

You’d be surprised at how a fresh cut lawn and a maintained exterior can wow potential renters even before the viewing begins!  

WOW Tip #2: It’s the Paint that Makes it Great

Colors influence moods and evoke emotions in people. Consider what your potential tenant might feel when they walk into a room painted fire-engine red… The color red evokes a range of moods and emotions from energetic to passionate to anger and even aggression. While a few people may appreciate it,  going the bold route will likely work against you. When deciding on colors to paint the interior walls, opt for neutral tones throughout. It’s also easier for tenants to match furniture and decorations with neutral tones. The best neutral tones for painting walls are:

  • Gray blues
  • Beiges
  • Grays
  • Aqua blues
  • Light, subtle browns

Once prospective applicants step foot into a room and smell the scent of fresh paint, it signals a clean and appealing look to the property. Ultimately, the smell of fresh paint goes a long way and definitely sets your property apart. In fact, some of your future tenants may already own the furniture that fits in perfectly with your newly chosen paint colors!

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WOW Tip #3: It’s Super Clean (…does Mr. Clean, like, LIVE here?)

In order to WOW prospective tenants, every aspect of every room must be sparkling clean. They do not want to see dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, dusty floors, and, the worst of it all, rings around the bathtub or toilet. Every room that you are presenting for viewings, must go through a vigorous deep clean. Here’s a list of what you need to do:

  • If you have hardwood floors, make sure you wax them or Swiffer them. They should be spotless.
  • Dust all the window sills, paintings, corners, fan blades, and shelves.
  • Clean and shine kitchen counters and appliances such as refrigerators, stove tops, and cupboards.
  • Deep cleanse the washroom mirrors, toilets, bathtubs, and faucets. Get rid of old shower curtains and replace with a new set.
  • If you have curtains, make sure they are washed. You’d be surprised that curtains smell funny after months of not being washed.

When you’re done cleaning, do an inspection and use your own finger to see if you pick up any leftover dust or dirt. The point of deep cleansing every room is to ensure not one speck of dust can be seen anywhere. Once you’re done shining everything, the best way to find out if its super clean is to see if you can see your own reflection in it.


WOW Tip #4: It’s Very Spacious

“Less is more” is so true: rooms simply look larger when empty. It’s an optical illusion that works for everyone. The key to making your properties look their most spacious is to declutter; maybe put some things back in the closet or storage. To declutter, here’s a list of frequently occurring items to remove and help free up space:

  • Books, magazines, piles of loose papers
  • Blankets, pillows, and towels
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Small kitchen appliances such as toasters, blenders, cookie jars, and coffee and tea makers
  • Small lamps
  • Trinkets on side tables
  • Electronics such as DVD players, stereos, landline phones, and alarm clocks
  • Shoes and clothes
  • Office supplies
  • Toiletries, perfumes, aerosol cans
  • Toys  
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WOW Tip #5: It smells delightful! (follow your nose!)

Another way to wow prospective tenants is to tickle their senses with delightful smells. A successful real estate leasing service in Chicago would often go so far as baking chocolate chip cookies in their model homes, creating that “just like home” smell. Plus, it was a nice icebreaker to offer future renters a fresh, warm cookie! Even if baking isn’t your thing, you can easily add ‘WOW’ to your property by:

  • Adding a bowl of potpourri in each room
  • Disposable plugins in the hallways and bathrooms
  • Spray air freshener in the bedrooms
  • A bouquet of flowers in a vase in the living room


WOW Tip #6: It’s Depersonalized (Nothing personal)

Probably the most important ‘WOW!’ factor that you’ve got to do is depersonalize the space. It’s important for renters to picture themselves living in the home, so here are some important items to take down before showings begin:

  • Take down all photo frames of family photos placed on bookshelves, desks, walls, and the refrigerator.
  • Pack away framed certificates, diplomas, and wall-mounted plaques
  • Store exercise equipment such as elliptical and treadmills away
  • Tuck away personal care products such as shavers and hair dryers
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The Bottom Line to Wow Prospective Tenants

In order to wow potential renters, remember to appeal to their senses. To showcase the best landlord services in Chicago, make sure you present aesthetics that leave a lasting impression on prospective tenants. You want to wow them by having a beautiful and well-kept exterior, along with new coats of neutral paint on the interior walls. And, most importantly, you want to present a clean, decluttered, and depersonalized space that smells great. Once you implement these wow factors into your properties, you’re sure to attract new tenants happy to sign a rental lease with you!

Getting Help from a Rental Property Maintenance Company

Whether you’re gearing up to buy a new investment property, you just did, or you have a list of buildings you want some assistance with, a Chicago rental property maintenance company can be a great help. Here at Blue Collar, we know that investment property maintenance is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR full time job. If you’re tired of spending too much time dealing with maintenance requests, finding reliable vendors, and juggling the logistic of scheduling service calls, contact us today. We’re ready to help!

Contact us today to learn more about the ways we help investors in Chicago.

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How to Choose The Best Contractor for Your Remodels, Repairs & Upgrades

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Many times it is easier to spot a bad contractor than it is to spot a good contractor. When choosing the right contractor we want to look at their reputation, work portfolio, and how they communicate with us. The right contractor should be trustworthy, have a proven track record and treat us with respect.

Being Trustworthy is one of the most important traits when choosing a contractor since they will be working on your property and be in your home. So how can we make sure someone is trustworthy?

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Reputation speaks volumes! Ask friends, family and neighbors if they can recommend a good contractor.  Someone that does good work will come highly recommended. Check out online ratings as well. People love to talk about bad contractors which can easily help you narrow down your choices.   

Reputation really is everything when it comes to contractors. If they have a strong reputation it is likely hard earned and will speak volumes about them being credible and trustworthy.  

A solid contractor will have a portfolio with examples of their work that you can review. A reliable contractor will not mind showing you examples of their work.

Important Fact: Seeing examples of their work also helps you to decide if their style and yours can mesh well to accomplish your goals.


It is important that a contractor has the ability to communicate with you. Before you ever hire anyone be mindful of how long they take to call you back. Everyone gets busy so it is understandable when a contractor doesn’t call back the same day. However, you should expect a phone call within the next 24 hours. If they take longer than that to get back to you we recommend moving on and finding someone with a faster response time.

Important Fact: Even if a contractor gets back to you quickly, you also want to make sure that your questions are answered and that the contractor is patient with your questions.

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Gut Instinct

Sometimes you meet a contractor and just something about them (you usually cannot put your finger on it) does not sit right with you.  No matter how great someone’s references are, or how impressive their work is, if you are not comfortable hiring them, don’t! You do not HAVE TO hire anyone. It is your property and it is very important that you are comfortable with the person that you choose.

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Nothing Beats Due Diligence

It is really up to you to do the research before you hire anyone.  You are letting this person onto your property and trusting them with costly home improvements. Make sure they can be trusted by checking references and before and after work. In addition, ask them to verify they have all the right business licenses and insurance in place.

Ask, check and then check some more.  Any contractor that is a good contractor will not mind answering your questions and providing you with proof of coverage. If they get annoyed with your diligence, run! You want a contractor that really appreciates having you as a client.

Final Tips on Choosing the Right Contractor

Once you have made the choice, be sure to get every detail in writing. Do not leave anything up to chance. A strong contract that outlines all the expectations and all the responsibilities of each party helps to keep everyone on the same page. Look to provide extensive and detailed explanations to ensure crystal-clear expectations.

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make is that they are hesitant to demand that everything be put in writing.  It can be hard to “speak up” when a contractor is promising something and say “hey, can you put that in writing in our contract”?  If it is not in writing then you cannot count on it. The right contractor will be more than willing to put all the job details in writing.

Lastly, do NOT pay for all the work up front. It is common for contractors to ask for a fee upfront to minimize their risk and cover job materials. If it is in the contract to pay a percentage up front that is fine. We do not recommend you pay no more than 50% up front and do not pay the remaining balance until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. If you pay the full balance before the job is finished, you may have a challenging time getting them to finish the work.

Getting Help from a Rental Property Maintenance Company

Here at Blue Collar, we know that investment property maintenance is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR full time job. If you’re tired of spending too much time dealing with maintenance requests, finding reliable vendors, and juggling the logistic of scheduling service calls, contact us today. We’re ready to help!

Contact us today to learn more about the ways we help investors in Chicago.

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8 Habits of Successful Real Estate Investors

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Whether you are a fledgling investor, looking to make your first deal or a seasoned investor, chances are you could use a few tips to make your investments a success. Many people view real estate investment as a quick and easy way to make money, when in fact it requires a lot of work and know-how. Here at Blue Collar, we know that knowledge is power so we have gathered a list of habits that successful real estate investors have in common.

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They Treat Their Investment Like A Business

Real estate is an investment, and successful investors know this. Like any successful business, they have a business plan with set goals. Outlining what you want to accomplish through real estate will help guide you toward what you want. Putting in place both short-term and long-term goals will help you keep your eye on the prize when you experience a minor setback—and you will probably experience your fair share. However, this is all part of growing your successful business. In addition, do not forget to add new goals as you accomplish the ones you already have in place.

They Are Realistic With Time Management

Real estate investment can be time consuming and successful investors are aware of this. It is not uncommon for a young investor to bite off more than they can chew by taking on too many properties quickly. As experience grows, so does the ability to handle a larger portfolio.

The learning process, managing property, and other details related to running a business will all take more time than many realize. When you are first starting out, it is likely that you will still have your regular full-time job and running your real estate investment business will be done during your off time. You could quickly find yourself overwhelmed if you do not take things one step at a time and pace yourself.

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They Invest In Their Education

Successful real estate investors do their research. They are constantly staying up to date on the current market trends. Not only that, they also stay up on what is going on outside of real estate: How is the economy; What is the unemployment rate; How are the schools in the area; What is the crime rate? All of these things affect real estate value and ultimately rent prices and successful investors know this. Staying up to date on these things helps you be prepared and aware of potential problems or potential opportunities.

They Are Niche Experts

There is a familiar saying: “Do what you know,” and successful real estate investors agree. Becoming an expert in a certain area of real estate allows you to develop expertise that is important to long-term success in real estate. A diversified portfolio is important in any type of investment, so once you become confident with your expertise in one niche, use the same approach to mastering another. In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell states that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master in a specific area. Keeping this in mind can help if you find yourself becoming impatient.

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They Seek Advice From More Experienced Investors

Books are helpful, but a large part of real estate investment is learned through experience. Successful real estate investors know the importance of building a network of other people involved in real estate. Adding a mentor who is more experienced to your network will give you someone to bounce ideas off of and seek advice from. Think of your business network as your own personal “think tank”; a community of like minds who all want to see each other succeed.

They Operate With High Ethical Standards

If you want to be successful in real estate, expect to be in it for the long haul. In order to last in this business, it is important to hold yourself to a high level of ethics and standards. There are times where it might be easier to misrepresent a property or take advantage of a situation, but in the end the truth always comes out. In this business, a good recommendation goes far, but a bad one goes even farther, and can be incredibly damaging to your reputation. Successful investors know that important ethical business practices are imperative to creating a successful and long-lasting business. Many people have a love-hate relationship with Yelp, but when used effectively it can be a very useful tool. A positive presence on Yelp can be incredibly beneficial to boosting your reputation. In the event that a bad review is posted, and it happens, use the opportunity to reach out the the reviewer quickly and courteously to resolve the problem.

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They Know Relationships Are Key

A major component of investing in real estate is working with people. And not just renters! Anyone with whom you have a business relationship should be treated with respect, courtesy, and patience. Successful real estate investors are also successful customer service providers. It is important to listen and pay attention to detail. Should a problem arise, handle it courteously and as timely as possible. Happy renters and other individuals with whom you have business or professional dealings are the best promoters of your business. In the same respect, maintaining a positive relationship with vendors is just as important; professional and prompt communication will insure that they continue working with you and referring others to you as well.

They Know Where to Best Spend Their Time

In general, successful people know the limits of their expertise. So, it stands to reason that successful real estate investors will eventually reach that point. One of the first people whose advice you want to seek is that of a reputable accountant. It is important to find someone that has a demonstrated understanding of current tax laws who you can trust to handle your books. Doing this right away will keep your finances in order and save you money in the end. Successful investors also establish a professional relationship with a lawyer whose services are useful in drawing up contracts, leases, or eviction proceedings should the need ever arise.

Getting Help from a Rental Property Maintenance Company

Whether you’re gearing up to buy a new investment property, you just did, or you have a list of buildings you want some assistance with, a Chicago rental property maintenance company can be a great help. Here at Blue Collar, we know that investment property maintenance is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR full time job. If you’re tired of spending too much time dealing with maintenance requests, finding reliable vendors, and juggling the logistic of scheduling service calls, contact us today. We’re ready to help!

Contact us today to learn more about the ways we help investors in Chicago.

How Section 8 Works

All About Section 8: A Guide for Owners and Renters in Chicago

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Whether you’re a property owner in Chicago or someone looking for an apartment, chances are you’ve heard of Section 8, also known as Housing Choice Vouchers or HCV. The program exists to allow low-income families find quality housing within Chicago’s private market, using federal funds provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Through the program, the Chicago Housing Authority pays a portion of eligible families’ rent directly to the landlord. There is a waiting list to receive these vouchers, and names are selected from the waiting list randomly using a lottery service.

As a rental property maintenance company in Chicago, we at Blue Collar have experience working with property managers and property owners who rent to Section 8 tenants, and we can answer any questions you—or your prospective tenants—may have about the program and utilizing it with your properties.   

How Section 8 Works

How Section 8 Apartments Are Rented

In Chicago, Section 8 tenants apply to apartments the same way any other tenant would—through the landlord’s standard application process. If they are approved by the landlord, a CHA representative will inspect the property to ensure that the unit meets basic housing quality standards.

Then, the tenant will sign the landlord’s lease and pay a predetermined portion of the rent, which is typically at least 30 percent of the family’s adjusted income. To cover the rest of the rent, the landlord enters a separate agreement with the CHA, in which the CHA agrees to pay for the balance of the rent, directly to the landlord.

In Cook County (so, in all of Chicago), landlords may not refuse to accept Section 8 tenants, as “Source of Income” is included in the Illinois Fair Housing Law’s protected classes. This resolution took effect in 2013 and was meant to encourage economically disadvantaged citizens to move toward the suburbs and decrease high concentrations of poverty-stricken areas within the city.

Landlords, can, however, reject applicants based on factors not related to their Section 8 status. For instance, if background checks or bill payment history are not up to snuff, or previous landlords cite problems with the tenant including property damage or problems with other tenants, or breaking lease terms, these can all be factors that contribute to a landlord rejection a Section 8 applicant.

Questions Owners Might Have About the Section 8 Program

As an investment property owner in Chicago, you might have some questions about how the Section 8 housing program affects your properties:


  • How can I list my units for Section 8 renters?  Start by contacting the housing authority. They will have to approve both you as a landlord and your properties, and your units will need to be inspected. After that, you’ll be able to list your properties for those who need to rent affordable housing.
  • How much rent can I charge? You can set the rental price to be whatever you want, but it must be reasonably priced compared to your other units. If the rent is too high, you may be required to lower it to meet the needs of lower-income renters.
  • What if I have problems with my tenant? Dealing with problem tenants who are Section 8 renters will be the same as dealing with any other tenant. Unpaid rent, excessive damage, or other issues will have to follow city regulations up to and including eviction.


How Does CHA Work

Answers for Tenants Using HUD Vouchers

If you’re a renter in Chicago wondering about how to qualify for and rent a Section 8 apartment, you’ll have to apply at your local housing agency. The amount you pay for rent will depend on your income and family size. Unfortunately, the waiting list for receiving Section 8 assistance may prevent you from being chosen for eligible housing immediately. However, once you are accepted, you will be able to rent in any area that has Section 8 apartments available.

Getting Started with Section 8 Renting

As a rental property maintenance company in Chicago, we have experience making sure that landlords are prepared for whatever might come their way, and we’ll help you get your apartments set up to pass inspection for Section 8 rentals, should you so desire.

Here at Blue Collar, we know that investment property maintenance is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR full time job. If you’re tired of spending too much time dealing with maintenance requests, finding reliable vendors, and juggling the logistic of scheduling service calls, contact us today. We’re ready to help!

Rental Property Maintenance Chicago

4 Ways to Add Additional Security to Keep Your Tenants and Property Safe

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Whether you’re new to owning investment rental properties in Chicago, or you’ve been involved with it for many years, one issue that keeps evolving is the topic of security—how to keep both your tenants and the property itself safe. That can mean keeping it safe from intruders as well as protecting yourself from liability from tenants, and when you’re a landlord or property owner, it’s important to maintain secure buildings. Not only does it make your life easier, but it can save you money over time, particularly if you don’t have to replace or repair things that are damaged, stolen, or broken. As a rental property maintenance company in Chicago, we at Blue Collar see the different ways that landlords and investors protect their properties, and we’re happy to pass the most helpful tips we’ve seen on to you.

Maintenance Company Chicago

Check Crime Stats Before Buying

Perhaps the biggest and easiest bit of advice to give is that before you commit to purchasing a property, check out the crime stats around it. What you do with the information will be up to you, but knowing what’s common around the area will inform you on how to protect tenants from potential problems. For instance, a slightly higher crime rate may be encouragement to set up security cameras/alarms, motion-sensor lights, or other security-increasing products.

Don’t be scared off by any crime appearing on a crime report though—the fact is that crime is unfortunately everywhere, but knowing about it will allow you to ensure your tenants and property is better protected.

Fixtures that Increase Safety and Security

Install Fixtures that Increase Safety and Security

Along that line, the biggest way to increase safety and security at your buildings is by installing various security measures:

  • Call boxes at the front door to allow guests to be buzzed in, rather than unlocked main doors that lead to locked apartment doors—this weakness in security is one too big to overlook, so if you’re not interested in a call box, at least make sure that the main entryway door is locked at all times.
  • Security cameras should be installed near entryways, bike racks, fire escapes (especially if they go all the way to the ground level and are easily accessed), and parking lots. These areas should be well lit, as well.
  • Motion sensing lights can be installed around entrances and other points on the property that need additional security, as well as parts of the building’s interior that aren’t frequented as often, like basement laundry rooms or storage areas.
  • Window bars can be installed on ground level windows for additional security. These can be decorative, as well—no need to worry about unsightly additions to your property.
  • Intercom systems can help prevent people who are strangers from being let in by well-meaning neighbors. This way, visitors can contact the party they’re visiting and gain access, but people with nefarious motives won’t be able to gain access—be sure to stress to tenants not to allow entry to unexpected visitors or strangers.
  • Alarm systems that will go off in the event of unauthorized entry, as well as visible signage detailing these systems’ presence can help prevent criminal activity.
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Protect Yourself: Make Sure the Property is Well-Maintained

Beyond installing things that keep tenants safe, a way that you can ensure you are protected is by making sure that the property is well maintained and safe to patronize.

Check on things like whether doors and windows lock properly, whether staircases are safe, and whether common areas are secure—making sure of these things can help prevent you from being liable for issues like injuries, break-ins, or theft. If your investment property in Chicago is well-protected from crime and other safety issues, you’re set. Talk to a rental property maintenance management company to shed some light on the various ways you can increase security to protect both your tenants and yourself.

Rental Property Maintenance Chicago

Use a Property Management Company in Chicago to Help Protect Your Building

One more way you can protect your property is by working with a Chicago property management company. Beyond simply advising you on ways to make your buildings more secure, they can dispatch any necessary contractors or response teams if a problem ever does arise.

Property managers will be able to offer their own tips for safety and security based on where your building is located, as well—different parts of the city may require different security measures. For instance, if you’re used to dealing with securing outdoor parking lots, but purchase a building in a part of the city that offers underground or covered parking, there may be steps to take that you might not think of. Property management companies have experience dealing with a wide range of property types, and will be able to offer you advice based on the specific property you have bought.

Property Management Company Chicago

Getting Help from a Rental Property Maintenance Company

Whether you’re gearing up to buy a new investment property, you just did, or you have a list of buildings you want some assistance with, a Chicago rental property maintenance company can be a great help. Here at Blue Collar, we know that investment property maintenance is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR full time job. If you’re tired of spending too much time dealing with maintenance requests, finding reliable vendors, and juggling the logistic of scheduling service calls, contact us today. We’re ready to help!

Contact us today to learn more about the ways we help investors in Chicago.


6 Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Rental Property For Winter

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Finally, it’s football season and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! The kids are back in school, you are looking forward to tailgating at Soldier Field and taking a trip to your favorite orchard to gorge yourself on fresh donuts, while picking out a pumpkin or apples or both! Fall is a great time of year, the sports the holidays. In between all the fun fall festivities, take a little time to check in on your investment property and do a little preventative property maintenance.

Snow Prep

(If you are in a region where snow is not a problem, lucky you, you can feel free to skip ahead in this section)

What are you going to do when the first blizzard of the season hits? Unsurprisingly this first big snow will be labeled “The Blizzard of the Century” or “The Snowpocalypse” or “Snowmageddon”, but anyways we digress. Your poor tenants need to get to work but are snowed in! How will they pay their rent if they can’t get to work!?

Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but it’s an almost real scenario. The point is you need to have a snow removal plan for your property. Do you have a truck with a snowplow you just love using during the winter months and the newest top of the line snow blower? Well, kudos to you. However, for the other 99% of investment property owners out there, a snow removal plan is a must.

We recommend calling around to local snow removal companies in your neighborhood and getting a few quotes. Many companies will offer a discounted early bird special if you commit to paying for a full year upfront. This is a great way to plan for the winter months ahead of time instead of being stuck calling off work to go shovel snow at your investment property.



Those lovely fall leaves just love to hangout in gutters, make sure to clean out the gutters to ensure snow has somewhere to go. Gutter maintenance is important because as snow melts, if there are blockages that stop water from making it to the ground, the water has no choice but to head back towards your property. This backup of water can lead to larger issues such as water damage, mold, and erosion to your property. So do a little preventative maintenance and keep your gutters clean, as well as up-to-date to protect your investment property from damages.


Keep the Heat

During the fall months we make the transition from A/C to heat. Early fall is a great time to have your heating system serviced to ensure it is running efficiently and will be able to keep your tenants warm throughout the upcoming bitter winter. It’s also a great idea to clean your investment property’s heating mechanism. Clean all ducts, air filters, and heat grills of dust and other build-up. This will help ensure higher air quality throughout your property for your tenants.

Preventative maintenance to keep your heating system working efficiently isn’t the only way to make sure the temperature inside stays comfy and cozy. Inspect all windows and doors to the outside to ensure they shut and seal properly. If you find a wonky seal, fix it! This will ensure that once the heat is turned on for the colder months of the year, it stays in and doesn’t escape outside.

Another preventative maintenance measure to keep heat from leaking out is to change out window screens for storm screens. To reduce pesky and possibly harmful condensation buildup on windows, remove screens from the inside of casement windows. Nobody wants foggy windows–at least not from the heating system.

Keeping it Clean

Although your investment property’s heating system got a little workout during the fall months, it’s now going to be putting in a lot of overtime hours. To make sure your furnace or other heating systems are running well, check and change all heating filters. Depending on how heavily the heating system is being used, filters may need to be replaced on a regular basis throughout the coldest months of the year–we suggest every 30 to 60 days.


Hot Water

When was the last time you had your water heater serviced? It’s always best to ask for help before you get yourself into hot water! Before it gets too crazy cold, check your water system and make sure the water heater is working properly. Water heaters should be flushed every two-years to remove mineral deposits and will help your heater run more efficiently. It’s important to make sure your investment property’s hot water heater is working effectively and efficiently to ensure lower water and heating bills, as well as the overall contentment of your tenants.



During the winter months, heating systems can sometimes lead to more moisture in the air and create condensation on cold windows. It’s important to monitor your investment property for excessive moisture levels. If moisture levels are too high it can cause damage as well as create an environment for health issues for tenants (aka a breeding ground for mold and bacteria!).  It’s also important to inspect windows and doors throughout the winter months for internal ice build-up and cold air leaks. Be sure to make a note to replace or repair these issues during the spring.

Finding Reliable Help for Your Chicago Investment Properties

Here at Blue Collar, we know that investment property maintenance is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR full time job. If you’re tired of spending too much time dealing with maintenance requests, finding reliable vendors, and juggling the logistic of scheduling service calls, contact us today. We’re ready to help!