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Remarkably Reliable
Property Renovations

Renovations—powered by technology—and managed by professionals who care as much about quality, speed, and communication as you do.

Counted on by the biggest names in the business.

You Can Count On

Shouldn't the product you get from your construction partner be as consistent as the software you run your business on? One renovation or twenty, in one market or a dozen, Blue Collar allows you to move faster—and with less risk—by providing you a consistent product, timeline, and experience. No more interviewing, onboarding, and replacing dozens of GC's every time you want to open up shop in a new city.


Lightning Fast Turnaround

With Blue Collar, you have a dedicated Superintendent and Foreman for every renovation we work on together. This extra level of organization allows us to deliver a finished product on time, every time—and often days or weeks early.

We ♥ Technology

We understand that professional organizations need access to updates and answers in real time—often through your own proprietary technology. With this in mind, we’ve designed our software and systems to be customizable to your internal channels—allowing us to deliver communication whenever, wherever, and however you’d like.