What's Eating Your House?

If you’re not regularly cleaning your roof and siding, then organic matter could be rapidly destroying the exterior of your home.

How Does Home Rejuvenation Work?

Nothing ruins the vibe (and lifespan) of your home’s exterior quite like dirt, mold, and black streaking (moss). The good news is that exterior materials are designed to last for decades as long as they are regularly maintained. We provide the safest and most cost effective way to clean your roof from moss and prevent long-term damage.


Help Protect You And Your Property From...

Deteriorating Roof

Roof staining organisms, specifically algae, lichen, and moss, are feeding off the organic material in your roof and siding. The longer they are allowed to stay and feast off your home’s exterior, the more damage they will cause—often resulting in the need for early replacements.

Ugly Exterior

An exterior covered in streaking and organic growth not only reduces the curb appeal of your property, but also decreases its overall value and generally makes it stand out in your neighborhood—not in a good way.

Voided Warranties

Shingle and siding manufacturers require regular maintenance of their materials to keep them free of organic growth. Neglecting, or improperly performing this maintenance (power washing) will void these warranties, leaving you on the hook if any of your home's exterior fails.

High Insurance Costs

Your insurance company knows that organic growth dramatically impacts your roof’s lifespan and they want to avoid claims for damage in the future. Because of this, your insurance company can cancel your homeowners policy for having a dirty or compromised roof—and they are increasingly demanding that homeowners have their roofs cleaned.

Expensive Replacements

The common black streaks that form on roofs and siding are not necessarily a sign that they need to be replaced. Rather, this unsightly surface mold, which hasn’t started to collect moss or algae, can often be fixed with a soft washing—saving you tens of thousands of dollars on early replacement costs.