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Luxury Home Renovation

This property had a major flood and the owner wanted to completely remodel the space to get top dollar on the rental market. We quickly went to work developing a value-add layout to increase the bed and bath count, and also helped them to select the best finishes for today's market. With a solid plan laid out, we were able to execute the renovation quickly and get the owner's new tenants in right on time—and for the highest rent in the market!

COST: $145K


Presale Kitchen & Bath Renovation

We started this project with a flooring and bathroom renovation, but when the client saw the results they decided they just had to remodel their kitchen as well. After a few weeks of hard work this property hit the market—and promptly went under contract!

COST: $42K


Pre-Lease Condo Renovation

Some smart improvements turned this tired 2 bedroom condo into one of the most sought after in the market, renting in less than 2 weeks after construction was complete—for a 34% increase in revenue.

COST: $40K


Luxury Condo Presale Renovation

After an extended market time and no sale, this luxury condo was in need of a face lift—so the project began—until the crew got distracted with another job. Thankfully this was when Blue Collar and the listing broker met! We quickly understood the project scope and upon estimate approval, the baton was picked up and the finish line crossed in style! Happy broker, happy seller, and soon to be happy buyers.

COST: $45K


Loft Presale Renovation

Some smart improvements helped turn this tired 2 bedroom condo into one of the most sought after in the market, renting in under 2 weeks after construction completed.

COST: $24K


Commercial Tenant Improvement Renovation

New tenants were moving into this property in just 3 short weeks. Our challenge was to deliver an excellent product on-budget and before deadline.

COST: $37K


SFH Gut Rehab For Sale

In order to maximize the return for our client, we had to completely change the layout of this 100 year old brick A-frame. By moving the stairs, we were able to reconfigure all three floors and unlock enough square footage to add two more full baths and two new bedrooms. Ultimately, we were able to help our client realize a 220% cash-on-cash return for this project—selling before construction was even complete.

COST: $195K

TIMELINE: 180 Days

Pre-Lease Condo Renovation

We partnered with the owner of this property to deliver maximum ROI for their investment property. By making smart choices on where to spend (and where not to), they were able to increase their returns by 5%.

COST: $15K


SFH Gut Rehab For Lease

This property had been vacant for years and was in need of a complete gut rehab. We worked side by side with the owner to make decisions that would net them the highest rent available for the lowest renovation cost possible. Due to their smart renovation choices, they were successfully able to lease this property before construction completed for the highest rent in the area at the time.

COST: $155K

TIMELINE: 150 Days

SFH Gut Rehab For Sale

This ranch home had massive water damage in the basement due to a water backup that was never addressed. We worked with our client to mediate the water issue and reconfigure the basement to add two bedrooms and a full bath. We were able to find additional value by creating a master suite on the main level and added some dramatic appeal by vaulting the ceiling in the main living space. All of this enabled our client to sell this property for a record high in the area at the time of sale.

COST: $115K

TIMELINE: 120 Days

Pre-Lease SFH Renovation

The owner of this property had a tenant who was interested in renting this to run as an AirBnb unit. We helped the owner navigate the tenant's specific needs (for their future guests) within a manageable budget and increased their returns by 15%.

COST: $30K