Enhance Your Home’s Appeal and Ensure Lasting Roof Protection.

Roof washing revitalizes the appearance of your home.

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Before Soft Wash

Mike couldn’t stand the look of the moss and algae that were ruining his roof anymore. He wanted a solution that was both cost-effective and efficient, but it seemed like all the other companies he talked to were only interested in selling him a brand-new roof.

roof soft wash before roof soft wash after
After Soft Wash

Our soft wash treatment totally transformed the look of Mike’s roof, making it seem like new again. Plus, it came with the added perks of strengthening the roof and keeping mold at bay, all without breaking the bank.

Revitalize, Protect, and Extend Your Roof’s Life with Eco-Friendly Soft Wash Cleaning

Soft washing uses a low-pressure system that cleans deeply without damaging your home

Soft Washing 101

Watch as Our Team Takes on a Tough Roof and Makes it Look Brand New

Soft Washing Advanced

Go Behind the Scenes to Discover the Techniques that Guarantee a Spotless Finish.

“I love the way my roof looks after the soft wash from Blue Collar!”

Marty Summers

How Does Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Work?

Experience a new standard in roof maintenance with our specialized soft wash cleaning system. Soft washing goes beyond merely removing surface dirt; it eradicates biological growth and contaminants, extending the lifespan of your roof without damaging its structure.

1. Assess

Our certified roofing team conducts a thorough inspection of your roof to determine its condition and suitability for soft wash cleaning.

3. Clean

Once approved, our team employs a specialized soft wash system, using low-pressure water and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

2. Review & Quote

After the roof wash assessment, we provide a no-obligation, free soft wash cleaning quote for your consideration.

4. Enjoy!

After the cleaning process, a final inspection is carried out to ensure that all contaminants have been removed and you're left with a clean, beautiful roof.

Discover the Top Advantages of Soft Wash Roof Cleaning

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Gentle Cleaning

Soft washing is less abrasive than power washing, meaning it won’t damage shingles or other delicate roofing materials, helping to preserve the integrity of your roof.

Long-Lasting Results

The environmentally firendly cleaning solutions used in soft washing not only clean but also disinfect the roof, effectively killing mold, algae, and moss, leading to longer-lasting cleanliness.

Preservation of Roof Warranty

Many roofing material warranties stipulate that high-pressure washing will void the warranty; soft washing helps you keep your warranty intact.

Enhance Curb Appeal

Soft washing not only cleans but also rejuvenates your roof, making it look almost new again; this contributes to a more beautiful and appealing home, increasing its aesthetic value and curb appeal.

Cost Efficiency

By effectively removing contaminants and prolonging the life of your roof, soft washing can help save on future repair and replacement costs.

Environmentally Fiendly

Soft washing often uses biodegradable cleaning solutions that are safer for the environment, as well as being less reliant on large volumes of water, making it a more eco-friendly option.

Providing the best service in the industry.

Ryan M.

I never dreamed my roof would look this good. I thought I had to replace it. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars.

Maureen V.

We have saved thousands of dollars, and used the savings on other projects around the house. Our roof looks great, and our roof investment is protected. Thank you!!!

Tony M.

Can’t believe how sturdy this stuff makes roofing shingles. You have to see it to believe it. Plus, they look great, too! Just like new.

Noah G.

I am now a believer... Our roof is 42 years old, we couldn’t afford a new roof. It is amazing the transformation for our roof.

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